Company History

Now known as Forbes Printing, we originally opened in Lanham, Maryland in May of 1986.  At that time, we were known as Insty-Prints of Lanham.  We opened prior to the internet, fax machines, cell phones, and desktop computers.  All of those technologies were just in their infancy.

From the day that we opened, we have been fortunate to receive the support of the local business community.  This community support, along with our desire to meet our customer's needs, has allowed us to continue to provide friendly neighborhood service, while embracing all the technological advances over the years.

Forbes Printing has become a full service design, printing, marketing, mailing, and internet services company and we are always pleased to help our customers move their projects from concept to completion.

Give us a call for your next important project.  We look forward to helping you present your company in the most professional way, at the lowest possible cost.